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For 150 years we have been part of Swedish tradition. We have stood at a thousand and thousand banquet tables, among the purees and pâtés at royal weddings and among the herrings and potatoes in every home in the land. We’ve been there laughing, crying and dancing like frogs. We’ve been there when crayfish were served in the dill and songs were sung until the sun came up again.

There is something about these moments. The people, the emotions and the tables set. Something that fits so well with the blend of sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and umami that makes Västerbottensost® so unique. So unique, in fact, that even the simplest everyday dishes become an extraordinary taste experience.

We are proud to pass on Västerbottensost to new generations of cheese lovers around the world, so that they too can enjoy the cheese from our small dairy in Burträsk – a taste of Sweden since 1872.

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